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Don't forget to get your tickets online for True Believers Festival this Saturday! Come join myself and other Cosplay panellists to talk costumes, make-up and hair! :) for up-to-date information and commission info <3
Wallmarket Cloud - Final Fantasy VII Cosplay wig by Flutterbybybye
Wallmarket Cloud - Final Fantasy VII Cosplay wig
After having a LOT of long haired commissions, this was a nice change! This wig is actually for myself (for once!) and it took me about an hour. I used nothing but a comb and scissors - there is ZERO PRODUCT in this wig. None. No spray, no glue, nothing. It is as raw as it's gets. Sadly, my cameraphone is rubbish and the righthand side of the wig looks very under-styled here, but it's just as layered and spiky as the left side! 

I love Cloud in a dress, and to celebrate the upcoming FF7 Remake, I wanted to re-imagine this with an update, using reference images from the new trailer. So, I hope you like it, and chill, I'll remember to 'walk nicely' ;) <3
Panty - Panty and Stocking Cosplay Wig commission by Flutterbybybye
Panty - Panty and Stocking Cosplay Wig commission
Due to test restriction I couldn't fit in the whole title!

Firstly, this wig was quite a mission. I've spent a long time on long-haired projects before, but to then have to cut most of it off for shaping purposes was pretty deep! I spent over five and a half hours just trimming and sewing in the wefts, and then nearly a further five putting in the wave, back combing, cutting, styling and tweaking. Despite all that, these pictures do not look nearly as awesome as the actual article!

It's a big wig, and was comprised of 2 x 100cm long kanekalon fibre wigs, a lot of sewing, a little Got2B and 2 cans of spray. Ten hours later, here we are! I really wanted to get the character accuracy whilst maintaining the ability of the hair to move and NOT end up looking like a Super Saiyan hair style! I hope you like it :)
Catherine - Catherine Cosplay wig commission by Flutterbybybye
Catherine - Catherine Cosplay wig commission
This is one of the few projects I've had in my time that have been plagued by a certain level of misfortune. By that, I mean I had problems with the wig supplier for my source materials, I had problems with the materials not doing what they were meant to do, things arriving broken and, to top it off, I got a cold which slowed me and the progress of my work down considerably.
So, with that in mind, I am VERY pleased it is finished! I like hair to look like hair, that is 'my style'. I used florestry oasis cones as forms, 3 cans of hairspray and a lot of glue JUST on the drills. 
This took 2 full heads of hair, and one of the few occasions I can genuinely say the photos do this NO justice, because up close, it's incredibly cool and on a full-size human head, it looks much, MUCH more proportionate. I cut and styled the base entirely, and the drills took a few days of repeated spraying and coating. The structure is assisted by clear nylon (4lb) fishing line, which is as thin is typical sewing thread and virtually invisible.
I hope you like her! I give you Catherine, the Succubus. 
Mirai Trunks - Dragonball Z Cosplay wig by Flutterbybybye
Mirai Trunks - Dragonball Z Cosplay wig
I make it no secret I'm a huge DBZ fan, and Trunks is essentially my long-time animuu-husbando. And what I really mean is he was a crush when I was 13 years old and have always been wanting to cosplay him. So this year, I finally got around to it and here is my wig! 

This was a huge fluffy article when I received it in the mail, which simply wouldn't do! It was also the 'wrong shade' of purple, and by that I just mean that to my eyes, it was too dark but beggers can't be choosers ;) 
I steamed the life out of it and brushed out as much of the back-combing as possible, then steamed it over to smooth it out, get it nice ans straight, and then cut it, and by gum it was some cutting! The wig was originally a layered, fluffy, shoulder length piece and I hacked off a good half of it! Love the finished look, even though it is probably one of the silliest looking 'accurate' wigs I've ever worn myself!
Took about 2 hours.


Jemma Louise Stafford
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United Kingdom
I am an award winning hairstylist with catwalk, photoshoot and mixed session work experience. I have enjoyed session work and have been fortunate enough to work with a wide variety of beautiful and talented models and artists.
I love what I do and I do what I love!
I have a special love of costume wigs and welcome commissions for them :) I have been crafting cosplay wigs for almost a decade and will consider most projects; please PM me for information.
In my spare time, I also study Chinese, Swedish and can be seen helping out from MCM Expo repair desks, from time to time.
After a long absence marked by a year in Sweden and now my return to England to resume my studies, I am pleased to announce I am resuming my wigs commissioning service under the banner 'Flutterfall Styling'.

I shall be taking wig commissions for any type of work, and am also open to weddings and special occasions, should you be within the UK.

I look forward to a bright and exciting year and wish you all the best!


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